4 Resolutions Every Runner Should Make

running-advice-bugReady to take on the new year with some running resolutions that will make you stronger and faster? By setting some simple goals for yourself, you can do just that. Here are four easy-to-monitor, year-long resolutions to get you started:

4 Resolutions for runners1. Race one a month.

Nothing sharpens your racing skills better than getting out and doing it. In fact, too many runners have a yearly goal race and then are wracked with terrible nerves on race day. You can solve this problem by simply adding one race to your schedule every month. That way, you’ll go through the process of registering, picking up your bib, getting dressed and racing once every four weeks. Not only will you get lots of practice, but you’ll also get used to running under the pressure of competition. Don’t worry: These can be local 5Ks or other low-key (even free) races. Something is better than nothing!

2. Reserve one day a week for stretching.

Runners should place a heavy emphasis on stretching and lengthening muscles to undo some of the tightening caused by running. A great way to do this is to set aside one day each week to stretch – and nothing else. The best thing to do is to take a yoga class on this day, but you can also just go to the gym and spend a good amount of your normal workout time (say, 45 to 60 minutes) stretching your body. Doing this will give you a nice, relaxing recovery day, too.
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Training — Five New New Year’s Resolutions for Runners

running-advice-bugIt’s day three of the new year and people are already struggling to keep their New Year’s Resolutions all around you. If you’ve made some lofty resolutions, you might even already be in that boat. The gyms will be flush with new recruits for the new month as people try to “get in shape” and, unfortunately, there won’t be nearly as many people at those gyms by the time the Super Bowl rolls around. But for you, runners, I’ve come up with five New Year’s Resolutions that you can set for yourself and stick with all year long. And the great thing is that if you do these little things, they will lead you to bigger things as the year goes by.

Resolution #1Do one fast/quality/speed workout per week — So many runners out there “just run”. Adding in just a little speed work yields major improvements in running speed and efficiency over time. Yet, most runners don’t quite know where to start. So here’s my first resolution: resolve to get in just ONE faster workout every week. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 5K race, a short set of intervals, or a game of speed play with runner friends. Just add in one of these workouts. You’ll notice the difference and you’ll start wanting to do more. After a few months, you may want to add more speed workouts or even get on a structured training plan, but this is a great way to start.

Resolution #2Do 20 pushs and 20 sit-ups at the end of every run— Yes, start with 20. Drop down to the ground and give yourself 20 then roll over and crunch that belly 20 times. These two exercises that anyone can do built upper body and core strength, more so than running will on its own. As with these other resolutions, if you start with 20, by the end of the year you may be doing 3 sets of 20 and you’ll see a marked chaned in the shape of your shoulders and chest.

Resolution #3Drink one liter of clear water every day— Go get yourself a one liter bottle. Fill it up in the morning and drink it. Too many runners neglect their water intake and get by with the water in their food or other beverages. But few things are better for you than drinking some plain, clear, water every day. Drinking water promotes weight loss and keeps tissues healthy. Most people need to drink at least two to three liters of water a day, but let’s start with one and work from there.
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