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Coach Joe English

Coach Joe English

Do you have a question that you’d like answered? Coach Joe and his other colleagues are available to answer your marathon, triathlon or ultra-running questions. Whether it’s a simple question about a race or a complicated training question, we can get the answers for you.

We answer about 2-3 questions each week through our blog and a few more through e-mails. We can’t answer all the questions we receive, but we do try to answer those that will be the most interesting to other readers and will grow our expanding library of topics on the site.

To contact us by e-mail, just click here. Make sure to include your e-mail address in your question so that we can follow up with you if we have questions. Your question and e-mail address will not be visible to others.

We’d suggest that you also try using the search function on our site to look for articles on the topic of your question. With hundreds of articles and videos, we may have already answered your question on the site.

In certain situations we may suggest that you get help from a coach, nutritrionist or other specialist depending on the nature and complexity of your question.

Your questions are always welcomed! Ask away.

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