Since the founding of Running-Advice.com and our video series, we’ve received overwhelming support and praise from runners all over the world. Here are just a few of the comments from runners that came to us looking for coaching, advice and support in their marathon running adventures:

“I just wanted to thank you guys so much for your online information contributions . . .You are great communicators, and the fun you are having running comes through.” – Lisa, Texas.

“Thank you so much for your well thought out response! It was so helpful, and I really enjoyed reading the blog that included my scenario!” – Lauren, New Jersey

“I just finished running my first marathon and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you Coaches Joe and Dean. I love your video series!” – a reader from India

“Coach Joe, you’ve been such a support as I’ve trained for my first marathon. I will never forget your caring touch and the attention you gave to me. I felt like I was an Olympian, even though it was my first race!” – Jen, California.

“Situated in a natural, outdoor setting, these videos offer basic tips for runners of all levels.” New York Times (describing our video series)

“Great discussion. . .(your video was) the best 15 minutes I spent all week! – Taissir, a viewer on Facebook

“Wow! Finally a site where I can get real running advice without the commercial blah, blah.” – Tim, New York

“After that, reading that paragraph about my conversation with Constantina (Tomescu-Dita), my heart just melted…Thank you so much for your words! It was interesting to see my experience through someone else’s eyes!” – Adriana, Canada (featured in a story about her interaction with Olympic Gold Medalist Tomesu-Dita)

“That was really funny!” Ariana, a viewer from Facebook commenting on one of our videos.

“Thank you for your website(s) which I find very helpful being packed full of information and the opinions and experiences of real people of different levels of fitness. I like watching the videos too as they are entertaining and informative giving further insight into the different ways people place exercise in their lives.” – Hail, Norway

“I couldn’t have asked for more from a running coach. You are awesome, even from the other end of an e-mail!” – Nick, Australia

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