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You’ve found the home of all of our videos from Season 1 — the first 30 episodes of the Running Advice and News show. We’re well underway with Season 2 now, which has its own page. Below are each of the weekly episodes that you can watch right here on the site.

Finding our video series
Our video series is published every Thursday. You can add our RSS feed to your favorite reader, go directly to our page at video host Vimeo, or watch the videos on our new Fanpage on Facebook (search “Running Advice and News” from your Facebook homepage). You can also follow us on twitter (@runningadvice) and we’ll let you know when a new episode is published. We file all of the videos in the “videos” category here on the site to make them easier to find.

Our entire season 1 collection will be published on DVD and Blu-ray Disc this Winter. Watch for more information on this page.

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Season 1 — Running Advice and News — “2009 Desert Series”
Episode 1 — Running Form and Technique Part I

Episode 2 — Running Form and Technique Part II

Episode 3 — Breathing Techniques, Aids and Exercises

Episode 4 — Marathon Pacing – Part I

Episode 5 — Marathon Pacing – Part II

Episode 6 — Figuring out Marathon Pace

Episode 7 — The Role of Goal Paced Runs in Marathon Training

Episode 8 — The Quality vs. Quantity Debate; Are more miles better?

Episode 9 — Optimal speed and pace for speed workouts (5K and 10K paces)

Episode 10 — Speed work alternatives and speed play

Episode 11 — Speed work and marathon runners, a match made in Heaven?

Episode 12 — Hill workouts and effective hill training

Episode 13 — The Five Hs of Hurt

Episode 14 — Trail Running

Episode 15 — Focus for Runners and the Headphone Debate

Episode 16 — Tapering for the Marathon

Episode 17 — Recovering from a Marathon

Episode 18 — The Beer Mile

Episode 19 — Mental preparation for the marathon

Episode 20 — Racing to win and beat your competition

Episode 21 — Dealing with pre-race anxiety and nerves

Episode 22 — Common Running Injuries and Injury Prevention

Episode 23 — You’re injured, now what?

Episode 24 — Stretching for runners

Episode 25 — The pain episode!

Episode 26 — The death episode

Episode 27 — Travel and running

Episode 28 — Running gear exposed!

Episode 29 — “Coach, I didn’t run because…” Excuses for not running

Episode 30 — Goal setting and season planning for runners

Episode 31 — How much can you expect to improve?

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