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Humor — Top Ten Reasons You Didn’t Run On Easter Sunday (Ancient Times Edition)

running-advice-bugHappy Easter runners. Today we present our latest top ten list. Enjoy.

Top Ten Reasons You Didn’t Run on Easter Sunday (Ancient Times Edition)

10. The run last weekend up to the hill overlooking town pretty much took it out of you.

9. Loin cloth continues to chaff your inner-thighs. Goat butter just isn’t working as well as BodyGlide.

8. Not quite clear what Roman Soldiers mean about a post-race party up on the hill, but you’ve only heard bad things about the way those guys party.

7. Although you’re typically up for a good urban challenge, the whole cross dragging, crown of thorns wearing, piercing thing seems a little too extreme for you.

6. Tax collectors raised the entry fee again. Who can afford the Jerusalem Marathon these days? They’ve been raising the entry fee since way back in 0005.

5. Camelback mistakenly filled with wine left over from supper last weekend made it hard to stay hydrated, not to mention to focus on the course.

4. Spent the whole week in a cave “tapering”. Now you feel pretty listless, but you’re surprisingly still up for getting out and visiting with some friends this Sunday.

3. Spectators on the course last weekend seemed a little less supportive than normal. It had more of an angry mob kind of a feel out there.

2. “Cross training” suddenly has taken on a whole new meaning and you don’t like it one bit.

and the number one reason that you didn’t run on Easter Sunday:
1. You could have sworn that your marathon training schedule listed Sunday as a “day of rest”.

Coach Joe English, Portland Oregon, USA
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