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Video — World’s Fastest Marathon? (Episode 3-25)

running-advice-bugWe filmed this episode of the show just a few days after the 2011 Boston Marathon. The marathon world was simply abuzz at the time after not one, but two, men ran under the world record for the marathon on the notoriously tough Boston course. But were these times considered the new world record? No. On this episode we discuss why the times didn’t get “certified” as a world record and we debate whether this is a fair result or not.

On this episode:
– Why are some courses not “certified” for World Records?
– Is it fair when someone runs a time that is the fastest in the world and it is not considered a world record?
– What factors dictate whether a course can be considered for a world record?
– Why is the Boston Marathon such a tough course and how did it yield such fast times in 2011?

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